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FREE Legal Review If You Were:

  • Fired or forced to quit
  • Harassed or discriminated against
  • Not paid what you were owed and on time
  • Not paid for overtime or off the clock work
  • Required to work through your rest or meal breaks
  • Denied Medical/Pregnancy Leave
  • Labeled "Independent Contractor" instead of "employee"

If you believe a former employer treated you UNFAIRLY, then get your free legal review. You may be owed money!

Don't wait! Time may be limited to recover any money!

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Start now! Time may be limited to recover any money.

Uncertain of your employee rights or not sure if you were wrongfully terminated from your job?
Lawyers for Workplace Fairness will provide you with a free case review about whether you were treated unfairly, unfairly fired, or not paid all of your wages. Get help now!

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We've recovered money for THOUSANDS of California employees just like you! Fired? Treated unfairly? Questions? Get answers today! Fill out the form or call 888.387.8568 to start your FREE case review now!


Read the latest reviews from Lawyers for Workplace Fairness clients.

“I had a great experience with Lawyers for Workplace Fairness! They took my case when 2 other law firms would not. The lawyer, Corey Pingle my attorney was professional, caring and he returned all of my calls in a timely manner. Oh and they won my case!”

Linda Thompson

“I loved how dedicated each individual I talked to throughout my process was with this company. Bethel was awesome and she was so helpful. I’m glad I took the route I did. Now I feel as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders and I feel like things were finally justified.”

Stefani F

“Evan McKinney professionalism is top notch. Not only is he available at anytime to talk, but he checks up on you quite frequently to update you on the status of your case.”

Bryan R

“This firm truly takes care of its clients. Despite the fact that fees are based on a contingency basis, I was treated with concern and care. My assigned lawyer made sure my settlement was the best we could get and explained everything to me every step of the way.”

Ava S

“I had Matthew Tesfai as my lawyer and he was amazing, handled my case in less than a month, while everyone around me was telling me this type of case could take months, was really happy with my experience!!”

Kinsey B

“Corey Pringle was a empathetic professional and assured me when I was terminated due to medical restrictions. If you have an employment law issue, this is the firm to turn too.”

Jennette S

“Corey walked me through the whole process and took his time to give me all the information I needed when dealing with my claim. He was amazing and also is a very cool guy as well! He is very knowledgeable with the law and very detailed.”

Questley S

“After explaining my situation, and the company’s review of my evidence, I left it in their hands. I never expected it to be such an easy process on my part, or to have everything resolved in such a timely matter!”


“I would like to thank Elizabeth Votra my case Attorney for Lawyer’s for Workplace Fairness. Talking to her about my case was made easy. I felt like i was talking to a friend.”

Tony L

“I would like to thank Pegah Sharifi for settling my case and getting me an amazing settlement. She held my hand through the entire process and was extremely kind, understanding and beyond professional!”

Michelle B

“My case was assigned to Pegah Sharifi, she was simply amazing. You always hear about Lawyers ripping you off or not carring but this wasn’t the case, she was so attentive and helpful.”

Jesus B

“I’m very thankful that I found Lawyers for Workplace Fairness!!”

Savannah W

“Cory Pringle worked hard on my really wasn’t about the settlement… It was about correcting a Bad manger on his behavior. Thank you Cory…for your Professional guidance.”

Mark D

“I’m sure if I had had any other firm, they would have given up after 3 months, but Corey worked hard for so long to make things right. I feel as if there has been a level of justice served and I am content with where I now stand with my past employer.”

Emily C

“I absolutely recommend Lawyers for Workplace Fairness to anyone who is in need of efficient aggressive representation.”

gabby v

“Joel Ezoory was very helpful. Very professional, great listener, always on the top of his game. I used to text him on his time off and he always respond me right away . We won our case, and cost me $0 dollars . I strong recommend Joel Ezoory.”

Cesar S

“Attorney Joel Ezoory really fought for my case and did the best he could do. Joey Ezoory gave excellent service and kept his word when he told me he was going to fight for my case.”

Jose C

“I would absolutely recommend this firm to ANY of my friends or family. They really care about their clients and that’s a fact.”

Sarah F

“Joel Ezoory was aggressive and got fascinating and unexpected results in less than 3 months…. I WOULD TRULY RECOMMEND! ! I PROMISE”

Pauline B

“JOEL EZOORY has helped me every step of the way with my case .i am glad to have him!!!!”

Nancy H

“I am blessed that Atty Joel Ezoory represented me and made me feel I got justice for what was almost was a losing battle. He fought hard for me and gave me a chance to believe in our system that it still there to protect us. ”

Maria F

“Great Communication and timeframe of follow up when I called and left a message, empathy over the situation, answered all my questions. I highly recommend them!”


“I got help from lawyers for workplace fairness , when my company fired me unfairly after 29 years. Joel Ezoory was my lawyer and worked hard to help me get a settlement. Thank you Joel!”

Marvin M

“Lawyers for Workplace Fairness and my Attorney Joel Ezoory worked hard and diligently for me. I was not just another client to them but was treated as a real person.”

Deborah E

“I am glad I chose this Firm. They were honest in what they promised and delivered above and beyond! Thank you for helping when I needed it most!”

Antonio P

“I used the Firm skeptical of the outcome. They were diligent and although they did not make empty promises, they exceeded expectations. I strongly recommend this Firm!”

Antonio Pellegrino

“I had the pleasure to work wjith Joel Ezoory, great results, definetly! worked every step and no problems thank you!”

Fernando M

* This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.